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From world-renowned research institutions to cutting-edge companies, Canada is a hub of innovation and discovery in quantum technology. With the support of forward-thinking funding agencies, the possibilities are endless for those looking to partner with Canada's leading experts and be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly advancing field.
The four searchable capabilities in this directory include the following:
Quantum computing
Provides a new paradigm for problem solving by exploiting quantum resources to solve problems more efficiently than current methods.
Quantum sensing
Includes measurement devices created to exploit quantum resources to exceed quantum-noise limitations for ultraprecise sensing that can detect minute variations in magnetic or electric fields, with broad applications in autonomous systems.
Quantum Communication
Involves the exchange of quantum informational states between user and client. It allows for secure transfer of information, which has become vital given that cryptography based on classical systems can now be broken by quantum.
Quantum Materials
Enables novel applications by exploiting quantum resources to alter or tailor the materials properties over broader energy and length scales.
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